From the preliminary draft to the service, including research and development

We always succeed in identifying the best approach for developing new projects and providing support during the design and/or revamping stages of machines and systems.


Each consultancy begins with a preliminary study aimed at gathering the client (customer)’s specifications and requirements in order to develop one or more potential solutions. Usually this phase ends with the presentation of a 3D simulation of the proposed solution. The aim is to provide realistic indications of the desired layout and work cycle from the outset, allowing us to approximate the overall dimensions and propose an initial costing of the project as a whole.

Based on what was agreed with the customer during the preliminary phase, production of the workcell begins. This is a turnkey service that starts with the mechanical, electrical and software (PLC, Robot, HMI, SCADA) design and ends with installation and testing at the customer’s premises, with the option of prior in-house pre-testing at our premises. All of our workcells come with CE Certification, a 12-month warranty, and meet the requirements for benefiting from the Italian government’s ‘Bonus for Capital Goods – Industry 4.0‘.

In addition to the 12-month warranty on each robot we supply, we are also able to take over the management of all of our customers’ machines with a service, support and scheduled maintenance or on-call availability package.

Collaboration with entities such as the Intellimech Consortium, which brings together companies involved in mechatronics research, and JoiintLab, a laboratory where researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and engineers from Champion Companies (including us) cooperate in the development of application use cases based on the most mature technologies in the research field, allowing us to play an active part in innovative, cutting-edge projects and, at the same time, to draw on know-how in a wide range of application sectors (Virtual or Augmented Reality, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).

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