An integrated approach
to products and processes

Elettrocablaggi offers manufacturers of machines and industrial systems with a wealth of experience in the design and production of electrical equipment: pre-wired cables, assembled cable carriers complete with electrical and spare parts, and electrical cabinets for machine command and control.

For years we have embraced ‘lean management’ and the Lean Organisation philosophy to continuously optimise and improve processes and products from design to delivery.

To support our Lean approach, we DIGITALIZED OUR organisational and production processes using specially designed tools or commercial software tailored to meet our needs, such as the Arxivar Next workflow system.

We adhere to the Digital Lean Organisation from design to delivery.

Objectives Achieved

Some concrete examples of the advantages achieved by the application of our Lean philosophy:

  • Adaptation/modifications required by the customer on the product in progress
  • Special customised productions
  • Creation of prototypes and subsequent industrial production
  • Joint scheduling with customers to optimise material resources and delivery times
  • “Call organisation” activities with customers for updates on production progress




part numbers held in stock


product codes shipped

2,5 pezzi

pieces average production batch

on time delivery


non-conformity rate


pre-wired cables produced with an average lead time of 2/3 wk


electrical cabinets and integrated systems produced per year with an average lead time of 4/6 wks


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