Comprehensive, integrated systems and solutions for electrical equipping of machines

Elettrocablaggi was founded over 40 years ago as a producer of cables, electrical cabinets and chains; over time it has expanded its expertise and technologies and implemented industrial processes. The design and production of electrical equipment for machines and automation systems is our core business and cornerstone of our growth. Our expertise and experience span all areas of machinery: textile machinery, tools, packaging, food & beverage, woodworking, marble and glass machinery, printing, graphics and paper goods, machinery for processing rubber and plastic, robotics and automation.


Pre-wired and pre-assembled cables and chains

The electrical equipment of a machine or industrial system is made up of different components. One of these concerns the electrical power and signal connection and wiring of various devices of the machine. We offer complete solutions that satisfy all requirements involving connection and wiring of machines or systems.

  • Pre-wired power and signal cables for connecting motor drives and motion control systems;
  • Pre-wired cables for connecting devices and loads on the machine;
  • Pre-wired and pre-assembled cable chains complete with power, signal and onboard electrical and fluid parts for hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

We use the finest technologies available on the market:

  • Cutting – Komax – Meccanica Nicoletti
  • Crimping – Komax / Schleuniger / Wirmec / ZF / DMC
  • Mechanical processing – Rittal Perforex
  • Logistics – Zecchetti
  • Testing – Weetech
  • Electrical CAD – EPLAN / SPAC / E

Electrical cabinets for control
and command

We design and produce our electrical cabinets making use of the finest technologies available on the market, from the initial concept to the final product. Information flows from electrical CAD to ERP are automated and integrated.

This enables for seamless alignment between design and product, allowing us to design and produce single electrical cabinets for specific applications, as well as electrical systems and cabinets for mass production that offer a greater degree of modularity and increased configuration options.

We design and produce electrical cabinets which are certified and compliant with European IEC EN 61439 and IEC EN 60204-1 Standards and Directives, as well as the UL508A Standard for industrial control panels for the US and Canadian markets.


Plug & play and customised solutions

The integrated electrical system is a true Plug & Play solution for industrial automation and for machine manufacturers. Everything fully integrated: electrical cabinet, motor and onboard cables and pre-assembled chains, configured and customised for the specific application.

This ensures that customers receive electrical equipment installations ready for connecting and switching on the machine, guaranteeing:

  • Single contact person;
  • Guaranteed standards for the entire system;
  • Optimised logistics times;
  • Reduced waste and stock;
  • Faster time to market;
  • Configurator for customising the project;
  • Technical job order documentation

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Equipment Solutions
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