Our Mission

Our story is one of enterprise, dynamism and ambition, where fear of risk is overcome by a desire to drive growth and innovation.

We began 45 years ago with the design and production of all kinds of electrical equipment for machine manufacturers. Over time, we have added the design and development of industrial software for automation, up to SCADA solutions that implement man/machine collaboration and allow the monitoring of machines, workcells, and systems, including remotely. With our sister company (associated company) MR Robotica, we are now a system integrator that designs and manufactures robotic cells and workcells for industrial process automation, with dedicated applications for the world mechanics, electronics, food & beverage, medical and logistics sectors.

This means that today we can offer a full range of services, combining the different areas of expertise of equipment, software & digital and robotics. Three integrated core areas that comprise the company’s whole network of products, services and systems.


Automation designed by humans for humans

We always look to the future with optimism and confidence, ready to take on the challenges of new developments in the highly innovative and expanding field of robotics and its many industrial applications.

Without ever forgetting our goal of developing technology that serves people, where machine and systems automation takes care of the most repetitive and tedious tasks and leaves the operator free to concentrate on process control and flow programming.  

For us, this is what ‘The Human Automation’ means: continuing to develop systems and solutions designed by humans for humans.



Mario Buelli, after gaining extensive experience in electrical plant engineering in the Valseriana cotton mills, founded the ‘Officina Elettromeccanica Mario Buelli’. From the outset, the company developed a reputation for the supply of electrical systems for leading mechanical and textile companies, such as Vamatex and Somet, which later merged into the Itema Group, Reggiani Macchine, Deimo and Marzoli.



From the original, historical premises in Sovere in Via Longhina, the business moved to a new 1,500 m2 facility, also in Sovere, including offices, a warehouse and a workshop.



Officina Elettromeccanica Mario Buelli continued to grow, leading to an expansion of its premises, with an additional 800 m2 of workshop and warehouse space. The business now also encompassed machine tool applications: thanks to partnerships with companies such as Mandelli, Innse Berardi and Gnutti, the company gained lots of experience in connection systems for Fanuc and Indramat motion control and in the development of integrated electrical systems.



Founder Mario Buelli's sons joined the company in operational roles and Elettrocablaggi was officially born.



Elettrocablaggi became an official partner of Siemens in the production of pre-wired cables for Motion Control of the Automation & Drives division at the Siemens plant in Cavenago Brianza. Production and turnover grew exponentially in parallel: with peak production of up to 80,000 cables/year, turnover in 1996 reached 3.5 billion Lira a year.



To deal with this ongoing expansion, a new site was purchased in Endine Gaiano, offering 800 m2 of office space and 3,000 m2 of warehousing and workshops, whilst the Sovere site continued to be used as a warehouse and cable cutting department. The diversification of the business continued with its entry into the woodworking, marble and glass processing machinery sectors.



Investments were made to develop the sales network, along with the purchase of technology and tools. These years also saw the company also begin to participate in Italian and foreign trade fairs such as Bi.Mu and SPS Drives.



Elettrocablaggi obtained certification of our Quality Management System and, in the meantime, continued to diversify the business by acquiring new customers in various fields of industrial automation. Turnover reached around 10 million Euro a year.



After the 2008-2009 global crises there was a period of analysis and change, supported by management and strategic consultancy. The aim was to understand the evolution and direction of the market in order to adapt and guide company policies.



With major investments in skills, know-how and design tools, Elettrocablaggi acts both as a supplier and systems integrator, and as a partner for hardware and software development and design.



External collaborations with public and private companies and consortia were consolidated, such as Intellimech, a consortium for the development of mechatronics based at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo; UL/CSA certification was also obtained for the industrial control panel.



Further developments: a 10,000 m2 production area was acquired in Pianico (Bergamo), with 6,000 m2 of covered space, where production, warehouses and offices were relocated. Turnover reached an all-time high of 15.8 million Euro.



Elettrocablaggi's focus moved to Industry 4.0 and the fourth industrial revolution, with a focus on robotic mechatronics and new technologies. In order to be at the forefront of automation, investments and skills were devoted to the development of the software division.



The JoiintLab project was launched, a joint laboratory between the Italian Institute of Technology and the Intellimech Consortium where companies and researchers meet and develop innovation.



Elettrocablaggi acquired 100% of MR Robotica to accelerate the development of the automation and industrial robotics markets. A roadmap for the future is plotted.


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