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Over time, we have developed an extensive and highly specialised network of services in the field of electrical equipment for machines and systems, guaranteed by years of experience and the professionalism of our technicians.

From design to delivery, we provide comprehensive support to our customers that encompasses every aspect of the supply and collaboration relationship.


Human expertise married with technology at the design phase. By paying attention and listening to our customers’ requirements, combined with the use of tools such as Eplan’s P8, SD Project’s Spac and Aucotec’s EB, we are able to support them in developing customised and innovative processes. The design work is conducted in close collaboration with the customer using codesign approaches and activities: it begins with the idea of the machine and ends with the plan ready for production.

It is sometimes the case that the customer comes up with a problem for which there is no ready-made solution, either at a product or process level. Our task is to analyse and propose processes, products and technologies that are modular and which can be integrated to fully meet customers’ expectations. Training involves sharing these solutions in a process of mutual cooperation and development, with regular alignment meetings.

After designing and building the systems, our technicians and installers are on hand to perform the onboard installation and wiring, and test and commission the machine or automation system. At Elettrocablaggi all products undergo rigorous quality controls and operational and safety electrical testing. The machine or system can be tested and commissioned either at the manufacturer’s premises or at the end-user customer’s premises, in Italy or abroad.

Elettrocablaggi has implemented software and digital tools to track all information and product flows. Industrial logistics is fully integrated, from electrical CAD to ERP, to the machine and automated warehouse software systems, and to production planning and workflow systems for management and production processes.

This allows the progress of the order, stock levels and capacity planning to be monitored. From the customer order to the dispatch of the finished product. All process KPIs are monitored and analysed systematically.

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