progettazione del sistema elettrico integrato


Design & Engineering

Extensive investments in skills, know-how and design tools, including Eplan P8 and Aucotec EB, already allow Elettrocablaggi to support its customers during the design&engineering, development and innovation processes.

Attention and listening are the key levers when creating a true partnership, thanks to a team of ever present experts to support our customers.

Elettrocablaggi designs the product together with the customer, integrating the knowledge in a multidisciplinary logic to evolve and grow towards the future. This driver, supported by an extensive experience gained in all sectors and on various applications in the machinery and automation sector, offers the market a highly diversified range of skillsets and expertise.

An important step developed further with the contamination of ideas, expertise and specific languages to provide the customer with a complete turnkey solution.

Elettrocablaggi’s vision for the future:
supporting its customers from the design&engineering phase, designing and innovating processes and products, integrating technologies with a tailor-made approach and a global service.


Industrial logistics system integrated with the ERP management system, with complete traceability of work in progress, from when the customer order is entered to the shipment of the finished product.

Software and automation

Project and product development management supported by highly professional software tools, aligned with the management system, for the optimisation of the management of items, components, finished products and technical documentation.

Consulting and training

Analysis, Consulting, Support: from the development of products using integrated and modular processes, to the implementation of production lines dedicated to specific applications, aimed at reducing the time to market of end customers.