Integrated electric system – E.system

The integration of the machine electrical connection and control systems is the target Elettrocablaggi has set itself. A cutting-edge proposal that extends its service to the supply of a single integrated electrical system. This is an impressive advantage for machine building customers who obtain a rapid, safe and waste-free electrical equipment set-up ready for connection and machine start-up. The turnkey solution in electrical systems for automation, the completely home-made real Plug&Play.

6 good reasons for choosing our Integrated systems

  • Once single direct contact person managing the entire supply chain.
  • Guaranteed quality standard for the complete system.
  • Optimisation of supply logistics, reduction of stocks and waste for the end customer.
  • Decrease in lead times on the assembly line construction customer with evident reduction of the TIME TO MARKET.
  • Project management of the system using a configurator to obtain the maximum degree of customisation.
  • Management and development of the order technical documentation.

Numbers, technology and excellence for you


We manage over 4,000 items in stock and a supply chain with more than 300 suppliers, from the automatic warehouse to delivery, thanks to an in-house LOGIN logistics system managed and tracked by an ERP system.


We manufacture over 4,000 integrated systems per year, at our plant facility, from single pieces to standard mass production, using system processing and assembly lines, designed to ensure maximum production efficiency and quality excellence. Our ERP-Login scheduler supports production progress aspects to guarantee timely and reliable deliveries.


We test every single system made at our factory, using the best hardware and software technologies available on the market. In addition, we realise custom designed simulation and test systems for specific applications, ensuring excellent quality standards.


From the design to the prototype phases, and through to the industrialisation stages, we realise tailor-made systems designed for specific needs and applications at an integrated and modular level, to achieve the highest degree of configurability.


Elettrocablaggi’s vision for the future: to provide support to its customers throughout all the product service life phases. From design, prototyping and industrialisation up to mass production, commissioning and final testing to obtain efficient, optimised projects, products and manufacturing processes.

The attention paid to product and process innovation and the use of the best technologies available on the market, makes it possible to realise complete, configurable and totally customisable systems.
In line with the modern LEAN organization concepts.

The design and co-design process is supported by the most commonly used development and sharing tools and the information flows between CAD and ERP are integrated and automatic. The synergy between project and product generates maximum production efficiency and drastic decreases in lead times.