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Control panels – E.Control


Elettrocablaggi’s vision for the future: to provide support to its customers throughout all the product service life phases. From design, prototyping and industrialisation up to mass production, commissioning and final testing to obtain efficient, optimised projects, products and manufacturing processes.

The attention paid to product and process innovation and the use of the best technologies available on the market, makes it possible to realise complete, configurable and totally customisable systems.
In line with the modern LEAN organization concepts.

The design and co-design process is supported by the most commonly used development and sharing tools and the information flows between CAD and ERP are integrated and automatic. The synergy between project and product generates maximum production efficiency and drastic decreases in lead times.

single order contracts

We design and realise single piece electrical systems and control panels for specific applications. The experience acquired in all areas of the machinery and automation world allows us to offer a complete know-how and aligned with the best technologies available on the market.

mass production

We design and manufacture electrical systems and control panels for mass production with maximum levels of modularity and configurability, products and processes are designed and implemented at a tailor-made level to guarantee the best possible result in terms of service and product quality.