industry 4.0 e Meccatronica

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – We are travelling towards the future

We have embarked on a fundamental journey packed with ideas, courage and determination.
Where are we heading?
There is an epic change taking place, the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (Industry 4.0), i.e. the combination of skillsets and experience with total automation and interconnection of production.

The universe we intend to explore is called INDUSTRY 4.0 in which the production systems will adopt self-controlling systems, simplifying the work of humans.

An ambitious journey, which goes far beyond the boundaries of the MECHATRONICS world, flying high towards advanced technologies, innovation and the future.

In this evolutionary phase we have shifted into top gear, carrying our values in our luggage, a travel strategy that starts with a specific thought, the passion we have for our work and the energy we put into ensuring we are constantly evolving!


The new Elettrocablaggi business unit, is an integrated multidisciplinary system projected towards the future of the Industry 4.0, which connects the needs of the customers to the technological innovation brought by mechatronics.

A team of superior qualified people that supports the internal technical departments of companies in the design, integration and supply of innovative technologies, hardware and software, focusing on a tailor-made approach and a worldwide service.

The Core Business

Elettrocablaggi is a team that shares its values and experiences and its Core Business focuses on the development and production of electrical equipment for machinery.

SIMPLIFICATION of management, logistics and production;
INTEGRATION of various electrical systems, through to the supply of a single complete system;
CUSTOMISATION of products and services designed and tailor-made specifically for the customer.

Reliability, trustworthiness, innovation and attention to market demands are our starting blocks in our voyage towards the future.


Extensive investments in skillsets, know-how and design tools, including Eplan P8 and Aucotec EB, already allow us to support our customers in the design&engineering, development and innovation processes. This driver, supported by an extensive experience gained in all sectors and on various applications in the machinery and automation sector, offers the market a highly diversified range of skillsets and expertise. A recent example of this kind of co-designing with the customer is the development of packaging machines.

UL and CSA Certification:
Yet a further step forward was taken when we completed the UL and CSA Standards certification process for our electrical equipment. One of the most trustworthy marks in the world indicating increased assurance of compliance with US and Canadian safety requirements.
This allows Elettrocablaggi to provide consulting and development services in the design, construction and certification of control panels.

New investments:

The increase in turnover paved the way towards new investments.
First and foremost was the purchase of a new production area of 10,000 square meters, 6,000 of which roofed and located less than 1 km from the current facility. This will be the starting point for the planned production expansion, and also an opportunity for the company to put its heart and soul into its continued R&D activities to acquire hardware and software design know-how.

New collaborations:

The Research & Development area has established new collaborations with consortia and companies that have adopted the Industry 4.0 approach: Intellimech and MaTech.


is a Consortium of enterprises conducting interdisciplinary research in the field of Mechatronics, which includes advanced electronic design, IT, ICT systems and mechanics. The Consortium, supported by the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, is promoted by Kilometro Rosso and Confindustria Bergamo. Elettrocablaggi is currently an Intellimech member for all intents and purposes!


MaTech is an enterprise belonging to the Galileo Scientific and Technological Park in Padua and provides consulting services on the research and application of new materials and new technologies aimed at product innovation.