Networking and open innovation for our R&D

Networking, working together and creating synergies are just some of our values. In order to give space and substance to our R&D department, we have cultivated a close and enduring partnership with the Intellimech consortium, which is based at the Kilometro Rosso Technology Park and collaborates with companies in the area to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of mechatronics. Since 2020, we have been a Champion partner in JoiintLab, a project that helps researchers and engineers work together to develop cutting-edge technical solutions. The fourth industrial revolution is already upon us and the only way to manage it is to understand it: expanding expertise and following trends in the world of automation, mechatronics and digital technologies means aiming right at the heart of automation. And we are there.


A consortium of companies that have decided to commit resources and people to mechatronics, i.e. advanced electronic design, information technology, ICT systems and mechanics. We signed up enthusiastically and with conviction because we firmly believe that research is always a good investment.

JOiiNT LAB is a joint laboratory from the Italian Institute of Technology and the Intellimech Consortium, promoted by Confindustria Bergamo, Kilometro Rosso and the University of Bergamo. It seeks to create synergies between research and companies, fostering technological excellence. We are among the 9 ‘champion’ companies of the JoiintLab and are responsible for providing the application frameworks for the technologies developed in the lab.

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